Podcast Description

How to Live is a podcast that explores ways to live a good life. If you are looking to manage stress, deepen relationships, navigate midlife, build resilience, or simply add more meaning to your life - this podcast is for you. Life coach and successful entrepreneur, Sharad Lal has supported hundreds of people in living a more fulfilling life. In this podcast, he combines wisdom from ancient texts, philosophy, mindfulness, spirituality, and psychology, with his learnings as a coach. You will be able to relate to these concepts and easily incorporate them into your modern-day life. Topics range from mental health, career, relationships, transitions, resilience, purpose, stoicism, and many others.

Host Sharad Lal

Sharad Lal is an entrepreneur and coach based in Singapore. He started his career in Fortune 500 companies including P&G and BCG. He then moved to entrepreneurship, setting up multiple businesses across industries. As a keynote speaker and certified life & executive coach, he has supported hundreds of people through adversities, career acceleration, finding purpose, and integrating deeper meaning in their life.

Sharad and his wife, best friend, and chief collaborator Sarah are partners in all aspects of life. They are parents to a lovely daughters Gia and Ava, and co-founded a coaching company MyLifehouse Coaching, which is recognized as a leading coaching organization in Singapore.

He has spent many years exploring and building a life that aligns with his core values. Having worked hard on both professional and personal fronts, Sharad is now able to dedicate his time to projects and areas of life which mean a lot to him.